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Professional Experience
About This Project

Technical Manager.

12, Babalola Telli Street, Akinogun

Ipaja, Lagos.


  1. Prepare budget and maintain/improve budget limitations to meet annual objectives and standards.
  2. Preparation of short and long term plans to determine the technical department objectives
  3. Participate in putting the company strategies in short and long term.
  4. Manage and monitor the operation of the department metering, pump maintenance, and repair activities.
  5. Establish project scheduling and recording system that will ensure accurate recording of milestones and stoppage analysis to make timely and precise reports for company management and future planning.
  6. Establish safe working procedures for all areas of operation in coordination with the safety department and ensure its implementation to keep accident to the minimum and reduce downtime.
  7. Established and maintain overall emergency procedures in coordination with safety department and oversees emergency training by making periodical drills, further acting as a field leader for the whole plant.
  8. Coordinates with Quality Control to ensure quality check of all project deliverable and conduct all necessary test before delivery of project
  9. Ensures proper training of personnel to upgrade their professional and maintain the equipped level of quality standards to achieve the operational equipments.